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05 March 2011 @ 03:36 pm
[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (2/23) part 2  
Arthur parked his bike next to a small bench in the middle of Central Park. Sitting down, he took a deep breath in and breathed out.  He had to stay after longer than he thought with Student Council President Katyusha to help fill out papers.  He did not mind since Katyusha was very nice, but the paper work did not seem to end.  Not to mention he was still in a bad mood from his fight with Alfred.  “Stupid git…he wouldn’t have gotten this far if it wasn’t for me,” he said.  Sighing, he reached into his bag to get his thermal bottle of tea.  He always rode his bike to Central Park on Fridays to drink tea and read.  It helped him relax.  Pulling the tea out, his hand bumped into something else.  Pulling it out, he blinked surprised.  In his hand was the broken music box.  “Now how did you get in here?  It must have fallen off my dresser,” he said taking of sip of tea.  Instantly, he spit it out and stared at it.  Dark brown goo started to squirt from the cup.  “What the bloody hell,” Arthur yelled jumping up.

                The goo rose and spun around until it formed a woman in a tea cup ceramic dress.  “Are you Atlantis,” she said sweetly.

                Arthur backed up.  “What…Atlantis,” he said confused.  The lady smirked before wrapping tea leaf covered vines around him.


                Meanwhile, Alfred and Lovino walked around Central Park.  Alfred yawned.  “Are you sure something is here?  I see nothing.”

                “We just got here, you bastard,” Lovino yelled.

                Before Alfred could reply, both heard a scream in the distance.  Running towards the sound, both stopped when they saw the monster.  “Looks like you were right,” Alfred said

                “Yeah,” Lovino said backing up, “and it looks like we’re a little late.”

                Alfred looked closer and gasped.  “That’s Arthur,” he said.  Quickly, he jumped behind a tree and said, “Stars and Stripes Transformation!”


                Arthur panted as he struggled in the vines.  The monster looked pleased, ready to electrocute him again. “Oh, you have a lot of magic in you,” she said, “Perhaps I’ll take you back for examination.”

                Arthur glared, his heart pounding in his ears.  Suddenly, he heard, “Stop right there!”  Turning, he looked up to see someone in a weird outfit.  What the hell,” he thought.

                Star America stood in front of the pair.  “I will not let you take this person.  Even if he is boring and hates fun,” Arthur frowned, “he does not deserve this.  I am the hero of freedom and justice Star America!  And in the name of the stars, I will punish you!”

                Arthur’s mouth dropped to the ground.  “Sta…Star America,” he stuttered shocked.

                America smirked before he took off his glasses.  “Golden Starsight,” he yelled, cutting the vines away from Arthur before redirecting it towards the monster.  Said monster suddenly pulled out of tea saucer and blocked the attack.  “Oh shit,” America shouted, grabbing his glasses.  The monster smirked and threw the plates at him.  America dodged them and jumped.  “Super Awesome American Kick,” he yelled, breaking one saucer.

                The monster simply smiled and made another before wrapping more vines around America.  “You’re annoying,” she said icily.

                Arthur sat on the ground.  He looked in his hands to see the music box cracked down the center.  Damn,” he thought before looked at the battle ensuing.  Wait a minute,” he thought, “blonde hair with one sticking up…clear blue eyes with…that’s,” he gasped, “Alfred!

                America struggled to get out the vines, but they were stronger than he thought.  What do I do,” he thought scared.

                Arthur watched the lady-demon walk to America, ceramic knives in hand with her intent clear.  I will not let her harm him,” he thought, grabbing a pen from his pocket.  Drawing a symbol on his hand, he quickly muttered words before a fire rose from his hand.  “Demon,” he shouted, “be gone!”

                He shot fire from his hand, hitting the monster.  Her tea cup clothes and weapons melted, leaving her in only vines.  “No,” she yelled.

                The vines around America disappeared, and he quickly stood up.  He looked at Arthur, smiled in awe, and grabbed his glasses.  “Golden Starsight,” he shouted and the monster was destroyed.  Sighing in relief, he ran to Arthur.  “Hey, are you alright,” he asked concerned.

                Standing up, Arthur looked him in the eye.  “Yes, I am alright Star America…or should I say Alfred.”

                America’s face went from concern to shock to nervous smile in five seconds.  “What…what are you saying,” he stuttered, “I’m Star America, not this Alfred you speak of.”

                “Oh come off it!  I know it’s you Alfred,” Arthur said glaring.

                Lovino watched from behind the tree.  He shouldn’t have been able to tell,” Lovino thought, “But I’m not sure if he is Atlantis or…I’ll have to watch him.”

                When America turned to Lovino for advice, Lovino simply nodded.  Sighing, he said, “Alright, you got me.”  Closing his eyes, he glowed and transformed back into his normal clothes.  “Ta-da!  Happy,” he asked smiling.

                “Quite,” Arthur said plainly.

                Smiling smugly, Alfred said, “So now what do you say about superheroes?”

                Arthur frowned and looked away.  “I suppose not all are fake so sorry.  And,” he paused, blushing hard, “Tha…thank you for saving me.”

                Alfred’s smug look turned into a warm smile.  “I should be thanking you!  I never knew you could do stuff like that!  So thanks and…sorry for what I said before.”  Arthur looked at him confused so he continued, “About not believing I was friends with you. Even though you’re boring and stiff,” his face went a little pink, “I’m glad we were friends.”

                Arthur smiled slightly.  “I am as well,” he said quietly.

                Alfred’s smile grew until he saw what Arthur was holding.  “You still have that music box?  It’s cracked!”

                Arthur glared again, saying, “Yes, well it is old and that monster did this and…”

                “I’ll fix it,” Alfred shouted suddenly.  Arthur opened his mouth to object when Alfred said, “I can take it to a shop and get the crack repaired.  Since we’re friends again, it’s only right of me to do so.  Or am I still not allowed to touch it?”

                Arthur blinked, his heart rate speeding up.  Friends,” he thought happily before saying, “Well I suppose you aren’t as clumsy and you pretty much have magic in you so the spirits won’t mind.  Just don’t break it more.”

                Alfred laughed and went to take it.  When his hands touched it, both boys saw a flash of an image.  Arthur saw Alfred except without his glasses and in a blue robe.  Alfred saw Arthur in a red velvet shirt instead of his sweater vest.  When the images went away, Alfred took the star still staring at Arthur who stared back.  “Um,” he said nervously,” I’ll see you next week in school, okay?”

                Arthur nodded and as Alfred left, the same butterflies that always flew in his stomach when he was around the other increased.  What…was that,” he thought, feeling confused.

Awesome Cchiisana00 on March 5th, 2011 11:42 pm (UTC)
Mooooooooooooooooooore~~ Although it was rather cliche xD
Laurlaur10s on March 6th, 2011 02:46 am (UTC)
Haha, thank you!
Adriana Ortiz: vocaloidislamdoors on March 6th, 2011 03:02 am (UTC)
Okay, I need a full picture of Alfred's costume now. If there's none, I shall provide with one. You have got me hooked. >:) *wants to draw a transformation sequence and a pic of Golden Starsight*

Though I would say this: Add some "!!" marks and "??" marks on a few sentences, cause reading some of them in their dub voices in my head made them sound bored. And something random (which I sorta do when I type fics): italicizing or bolding the attack names to make them sound more dramatic (well, that's just me.).

But keep up the good work! And hopefully what said didn't offend you or your writing skills in any way. I hate to upset someone over my opinion/what I say. D|

(Oy, did I go off topic or rant in anyway? *ducks in fear*)
Laur: sailor america sunsetlaur10s on March 6th, 2011 03:19 am (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'm not offended or anything, I love getting opinions/criticism/etc. It helps me improve my writing. :D

XD Here's a picture I drew of Star America a bit ago

Adriana Ortiz: panty&briefislamdoors on March 6th, 2011 03:29 am (UTC)
Awesomesauce. Glad I could help. :)

Woot woot! *off to draw fan-art of Star America* His outfit looks very cute!
fenrirofdaknessfenrirofdakness on March 6th, 2011 07:55 am (UTC)
Uwaa~ Another nice and awesome chapter~ You added so much mysteries! 8DD *Is still hoping until you show otherwise though*

I love how you go on with this~ *Waits for your next chapter excitedly*
Laurlaur10s on March 6th, 2011 02:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you!