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[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (1/23) part 1

Title: In the Name of the Stars
Author: Me, laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): A lot.  (For this chapter): America, Canada, Lithuania, England, Poland, Turkey, Romano, Austira ~~ Eventual America/England, Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and a little Austria/Hungary and Poland/Lithuania
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language.  A few OCs that’ll make sense in the future,   maybe OOCness , human names
Summary:  Alfred always wanted to become a superhero ever since he was a kid.  His dream is realized in the form of a talking wolf and a pendant that transforms him into the hero of freedom and justice, Star America!
Based on the manga/anime "Sailor Moon". AU
Notes:  So I've been wanting to do this for a while and now have finally sat down and wrote it. The OCs will be revealed later on and are very important!  Sorry if some parts are OOC, I haven't written in a while.  I hope you enjoy the first chapter!

The waves crashed onto the rocks as the land plummeted under the water.  On the rocks, a young woman watched as her city sank before her, the citizens unable to escape screaming.  Tears flowing from sky blue eyes, she turned to the two men behind her.  “I will not,” she said bitterly, “let this be the end!”

                She then held out her hand.  In it was a round crystal, seeming to sparkle with many colors.  One of the men gasped.  “Your Highness, you can’t,” he cried, “If you use the crystal for that, you’ll die!”

                “I know,” she replied smiling sadly, “but this way, things can start over for the better.  And hopefully,” she looked out to see the last of the land disappear, “a tragedy like this will not repeat.”  She turned fully to the men.  “You two will be reborn as well if an event like this is in danger of happening again.  Once you awaken, you must find them…and they must protect him.”  Sighing, she held the crystal up to the sky, silently said a few words, and little lights rose from the bubbling sea.  “Please…be happy…At…”

                The woman smiled as she collapsed.  “Your Highness!”


New York City
September 16th, 2009


              Alfred Jones groaned as his alarm continued to go off.  With a swift flick of his hand, he turned it off, though he nearly broke it.  He faintly heard someone banging on his door.  “Al!  If you don’t hurry and get up, we’ll be late!”

                Alfred groaned some more before finally opening his eyes and looking at the clock.  “Holy shit,” he screamed jumping out of bed, “It’s eight!  I’m gonna be late!”   He pushed open his door and ran into the bathroom, knocking his twin brother down.  “Matt, why didn’t you wake me up?”

                Matt sighed.  “I was trying to!  I was hitting your door for ten minutes while your alarm was blasting!”

                Alfred, however, ignored him, running from the bathroom back to his room.  He quickly threw on some jeans and a red t-shirt, put on his glasses, grabbed his jacket and backpack, and ran down the stairs.  “Bye Mom,” he yelled as he dashed out the door, Matt close behind.  “Hurry Matt,” he yelled running.

                Matt sighed again as he ran to catch up with his brother.  This type of incident happened at least once every other week since they were in middle school.  The fact that it was already their sophomore year of high school made it more tiring.  “Al, this wouldn’t still be happening if…”  Matt stopped running when he heard something.  “What the…”

                Alfred stopped to turn around.  He walked back to see what Matt was looking at.  He saw some kids, looking no older than ten, poking and kicking what looked like a dog.  “Hey,” Alfred yelled running over, “get away from that dog.”  The kids looked up and started running.  Alfred stood in front of the dog.  “Honestly, messing with a dog that’s hurt.”

                “I agree,” Matt said coming over, “but maybe we should have been more concerned for the kids.  This looks like a wolf.”

                “But why would a wolf be in the middle of NYC?”

                Alfred kneeled down to look at the wolf-dog. The wolf-dog had dark brown fur with grayish legs.  When it opened it’s eyes, Alfred saw that they were a little brown, almost hazel.  The animal began to whine, making Alfred see a band-aid on it’s forehead.  “Alfred, maybe we should leave it alone,” Matt began to say, but Alfred decided to try to take the band-aid off.  “Don’t touch it!”

                Alfred slowly pulled the band-aid off, revealing a spiral shaped scar.  “What…it’s just a scar?”

                The animal jumped back from Alfred, staring at the two boys.  The brother’s backed up as the wolf-dog looked from one to the other, before focusing on Alfred.  Matt felt his pocket buzz and check his phone alarm.  “Um Alfred,” he whispered nervously, “time.”

                Alfred’s head snapped up, “Crap, I’ll get detention again!”  And with that, he grabbed Matt’s arm and sprinted to the school, the wolf-dog staring after them.


                Alfred dropped his head on the wooden lunch table the minute he sat down.  His day was not going well.  After arriving late (Hungry since he had missed breakfast) he was scolded by his homeroom teacher, Mr. Roderich Edelstein.  After almost begging and telling how he had heroically saved a dog, Mr. Edelstein let him go with a warning, while not noticing that Matt was there.  However, that was not why his day was bad.  Alfred refused to look up even when his friend Toris sat down.  “Um, everything alright Alfred,” he said with a worried look.

                “NO,” Alfred yelled, startling the other boy, “we got the tests back today for history…and…I failed!  Heroes can’t fail!”

                He held out a sheet of paper with a big red 40 written on it.  Toris looked at it and sighed, “Well…there’s always next time…”

                “MY PARENTS WILL DISMANTLE ME,” Alfred screamed again, “Matt got a freaking 80!  We’re twins and he did better than me!  Mom will take away my stuff once she compares scores.”

                “Well, you two aren’t exactly alike.”  Seeing how this was not helping, Toris thought for a minute.  “I have an idea,” Toris said suddenly, “Feliks and I are going shopping around Times Square to buy clothes hopefully for only him.  Would you like to come along?”

                Alfred was quiet for a minute.  “Can we go to the video game store too,” he asked.  When Toris nodded, he jumped in the air with glee.  “My day just got better!”  He crumpled up his test and threw it behind him despite Toris’s protests.  “If I stay long enough, she’ll forget!”

                “Hey!  No littering on school grounds!”

                Both Alfred and Toris froze, recognizing the voice.  Slowly turning, Alfred saw the student council vice president, Arthur Kirkland.  “Um,” Alfred said nervously, “I wasn’t littering, it was an accident. So if you can…”

                Arthur, however, was busy reading what had been thrown at him.  He smirked.  “A 40,” he said, “I knew you had hamburgers for brains but this is so sad it’s funny.”

                Running over, Alfred snatched the paper out of Arthur’s hands.  “Shut up!  Don’t try to act like you’re better just cause you’re a year older,” Alfred said pouting.  He then smiled big.  “But at least I don’t set the kitchen on fire or produce unidentifiable objects when I cook like you do.”

                Arthur’s cheeks went red with anger.  “WHAT DID YOU SAY, YOU GIT,” he yelled as Alfred ran laughing to get his lunch.

Part 2


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