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19 July 2010 @ 12:15 am
[Fanfic] Gliding Through Green Fields under Blue Skies (3/?) Part 1  
Title: Gliding Through Green Fields under Blues Skies ~To a New World~
Author: Laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, America, France, Japan...basically most of the cast/ Eventual US/UK along with Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy, Russia/China, and some more
Warnings/Rating: PG-13, R in a later chapter/ OC's for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.  This is the Gakuen Verse...sort of
Summary:  AU. Arthur had everything he wanted.  He had the school under his palm and everyone's praise.  At least, he did, till he met that idiotic Alfred!  Will they fight to the death, or become friends...and then something more?  And who are all these people trying to prevent the something more from happening!?  Based off the manga/anime "His and Her Circumstances"
Prologue/Chapter 1/Chapter 2


The rain poured outside the house.  The lightning struck the ground, basking the room in white light.  In a corner, a little boy was cuddled with a stuffed rabbit, whimpering.  The thunder shook the room once more, causing the boy to cry harder.  Suddenly, the door of the room opened, and a woman walked in.  “What’s wrong,” she said, “What is it now?”

                Alfred shook his head as he looked out the window.  It was raining that day, the school grounds covered in puddles of water.  Alfred sighed as he looked back at his papers.  “Why do I keep remembering that,” he thought sadly, “it’s been so long since I’ve remembered, why?

                The door of the classroom opened, causing Alfred to look up.  Standing in the doorway was Arthur, with a surprised look on his face.  “Oh, Alfred, I did not realize you were still here.”

                Alfred looked, a small grin forming on his face.  “Yeah, I had some work I needed to finish.  How about you?”

                “I had some work as well, but I’m finished,” Arthur answered walking over to the desk.  “You know,” he continued, smirking, “if you need some help, I would…of course, it’s because you move slow and I don’t want to wait so long.”

                Alfred looked at Arthur for a while, before saying coolly, “No, that’s fine, I’m already finished.”  Before Arthur could speak, Alfred stood up. “I have practice, see you later, Arthur.”

                Alfred walked passed Arthur and out the door before Arthur could mutter a goodbye.  Arthur stared at the door and then sighed.  “Well, that was weird,” he thought, “He didn’t look like his normal cheerful self.  Then again, he has been acting cold to me for a few days.  I wonder if I did something.”  Arthur sat down and put his head in his hands.  “We were getting along fine, until last week…

1 week earlier-Wednesday

                “Hey Alfred,” Arthur said one day during lunch, “How about you and me get together after school and study.”  Alfred’s face lit up, causing Arthur to quickly add, “Finals are coming up, and it would be bad if we didn’t study, and…well, two is better than one…”

                Alfred clamped his hand on Arthur’s shoulder, cutting him off. “That’s a great idea, the idea of working together!  Smart as always Artie!”

                Arthur blushed, shook Alfred’s hand away, and then glared.  “Sometimes, I can’t tell when you’re sarcastic or not.”  Alfred laughed, and the two decided to go to Alfred’s house that day. 

When school ended, the two males headed towards the Jones household.  After walking for a bit, Alfred stopped and Arthur gaped.  “This…THIS IS YOUR HOUSE?! I…I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WEREN’T RICH?!”

Alfred laughed.  “We’re not, my parents bought this house for me and my brother to live in for high school.  They live in the town over.”

Arthur gaped at Alfred.  “You’re parents live in the town over?  Then…you have two houses?!”

Alfred sighed.  “Well, my parents own  that hospital I told you about…”

You said only your brother worked there!”

“He does…he’s an assistant…to my dad…who’s a doctor.”


“You’re overreacting,” Alfred sighed, opening the door with Arthur following.  The two walked down the hallway, Arthur looking at each object as if it were like a historical artifact.  Arthur would stop at some points to marvel at a painting on the wall.  Alfred chuckled as he watched Arthur’s child like fascination.  Reaching the living room, Alfred poked his head in, his smile growing.  “Yo, Matt, I’m home, and I brought a friend with me,” he said smiling at the man in the room, “This is Artie.”

Alfred turned and saw Arthur staring at a painting, before he quickly ran back to Alfred.  The man stood up and walked over to the pair. “Nice to meet you Artie, I’m Matthew,” the man said quietly.”

Arthur looked the man over.  “They look exactly alike.”  Arthur smiled.  “I’m pleased to meet you Matthew, and please, call me Arthur.”

Alfred gaped at Arthur as Matthew smiled. He looked over to Alfred.  “Al, if you want, I’ll make some pancakes for you and your friend.”

Alfred smiled big.  “Awesome!  We’ll be in my room, come on Artie.” Arthur sighed as Alfred dragged him upstairs.  Once the reached his room, Alfred closed the door, and said, “I am really amazed at how quickly you changed your expressions…so amazed that it freaks me out!”

Arthur smirked as he sat on the chair at Alfred’s desk.  “Years of practice, Alfred, years of practice.”  Arthur took the moment to look around the room.  The walls had posters of superheroes on them, ranging from Superman to Spiderman.    He had a computer desk with a laptop, a lamp, and a bed.  Arthur turned back to Alfred, who was looking at him with a big grin.  “Before I comment on your room, your brother is really nice.  You must have nice parents.”

Alfred looked shocked for a minute, flinched, and then smiled.  “Um, yeah.


                That Friday, Alfred asked (more like convinced) Arthur to take him to his house.   The two walked down the sidewalk toward the Kirkland household, Alfred humming, Arthur grimacing.  “Listen, Alfred,” Arthur started, “my house isn’t like yours, so no laughing.
                “I’ve already been to your house before,” Alfred said, Arthur shuddering at the memory, “so I won’t laugh.”

                “You’ve never seen the inside,” Arthur muttered, though truthfully what he was worried about the most was Alfred meeting his family.  “Well, here we are.”

                They walked up to the house and Arthur opened the door.  Wendy was near the door, about to head out.  She looked up to Arthur.  “Oh, Arthur you’re home…” Her voice got caught in her throat when she saw Alfred behind him.  “You…you’re…”

 Arthur sighed as Alfred smiled.  “Nice to meet you Artie’s sister, I’m Alfred Jones.”

Wendy’s face went from shock to excitement.  “Al…Alfred Jones!”

Her scream rang throughout the household, cause the rest of the siblings to run to the door.  Arthur was pushed out of the way as his siblings talked to Alfred, who only smiled and laughed. Eventually, Arthur was able to grab Alfred and take him to the office room.   Once the door closed, the siblings started talking.  “I think this is the first time Arthur’s brought a friend home,” Patricia said smiling.

“Well, that’s because Jerk Arthur has never really cared about friends or anything like that before,” Peter said while chewing gum, “But of all people, I didn’t think he’d be able to get Alfred to be friends with him!”

“Well,” Wendy said dreamily still excited from earlier, “It sometimes happens like that.  From rivals to friends…and then maybe lovers if I don’t steal him for myself!  He’s so handsome.”          

Peter started to choke on his gum as Scott ignored her and listen to the door.  “What in the world are you doing Scott,” Patricia asked.

Scott shrugged.  “Making sure they aren’t doing anything…inappropriate for Peter’s ears.”

“It’s not like you care or not,” Patricia said smirking, “That reminds me, doesn’t Alfred’s family own that famous hospital in town.

                Scott perked up.  “You’re right.  Maybe we should head over; they might give us a discount if we tell them we’re friends with the owner’s son!”

Peter laughed. “But we’re all healthy!”

The four laughed, unknowing that they were loud enough for Alfred and Arthur to hear their whole conversation.  Arthur clenched his pencil hard enough for it to break, while Alfred tried to calm him down.  “Calm down Arthur, it’s not like…”

Arthur didn’t hear the rest.  He got up, threw open the door and screamed, “WHY IS MY FAMILY FULL OF A BUNCH OF WANKERS?!”  He then proceeded to chase his brothers and sisters around the room, Alfred helplessly watching.


                Arthur rubbed his head.  “Okay, that was a little embarrassing, I’ll admit, but that wouldn’t make Alfred act cold to me, would it? Before now, he was always laughing with me, and we were always together.  But now…when I think about it…he’s become distant.



                The next day, Arthur walked through the hallways in search of Alfred.  The teacher had given him some papers that Alfred needed to see as well.  Arthur eventually spotted him talking to Toris and Toris’s friend Feliks.  Walking quicker, Arthur kept on a straight face and tapped Alfred on the shoulder.  “Hey, Alfred…”

                Alfred turned.  “What is it Arthur,” he said without a smile on his face.

                Arthur flinched.  “Um, someone wanted me to give these to you.”

                Alfred snatched the papers.  “Thanks,” he said quickly.

                Arthur, hurt shown on his face, turned around and walked away.  Toris watched him leave.  “Alfred, are you okay?”

                Alfred put on a smile.  “Yeah, I’m fine, why?”

                Toris just looked at him with a worried expression.  Down the hallway, Arthur continued walking, his head hurting.  “So he’s really avoiding me,” he thought, “Now he’s only using minimal words.  Did I do something wrong? That…was rejection…wasn’t it?

                When the next Monday came, things had gotten worse.  Arthur arrived at school at his normal time, just to see Alfred walk towards him.  Arthur opened his mouth to speak, but Alfred walked right passed him without a word.  Arthur turned around to speak, but could not find the words.  “What is going on,” he thought in a panic, “two weeks ago we were acting like friends!  I…don’t know how to deal with this.   I…only acted nice to people, but never treated people nice.  I have never had friends, so I don’t know how to deal with fights like this. I never argue with people outside my family.  I always hid behind a mask.    Before Alfred…I really had nothing.

                Later that day, during gym, Arthur watched Alfred play basketball with confusion.  “What could it be,” he kept thinking, “He’s acting like normal, except when he’s around me?  I’m the only one who knows how he really is!  Though…I don’t even know that much about him myself.  Why does he pretend to act this way in public?  I do it for praise…I wonder why he does it.  I wonder…if Alfred is actually as happy as he acts.”  Arthur sighed and stepped outside.  He shivered in the December air.  “I wonder if it was something I said…or could it…no way!?”  He froze, horrified at his new revelation.  “It can’t be possible that he found out that I have feelings for him?!  Damn it!  That has to be it!  I knew he was straight; he must have figured it out and is disgusted with me.  Well, if that’s how it is…then he should just say so!

Part 2
junez_chanjunez_chan on July 19th, 2010 07:07 pm (UTC)
Waaaa... I hope Alfred had a better reason for acting this way ><.
iggyxalfieiggyxalfie on July 21st, 2010 01:27 pm (UTC)
Aw damn I commented on the past chapter XD well, still...
I want to know what's wrong with Alfred D: please, I want to know