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10 July 2010 @ 02:56 pm
[Fanfic] Gliding Through Green Fields under Blue Skies (2/?)  
Title: Gliding Through Green Fields under Blues Skies ~To a New World~
Author: Laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): England, America, France, Japan...basically most of the cast/ Eventual US/UK along with Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano, Germany/Italy, Russia/China, and some more
Warnings/Rating: PG-13, R in a later chapter/ OC's for Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.  This is the Gakuen Verse...sort of
Summary:  AU. Arthur had everything he wanted.  He had the school under his palm and everyone's praise.  At least, he did, till he met that idiotic Alfred!  Will they fight to the death, or become friends...and then something more?  And who are all these people trying to prevent the something more from happening!?  Based off the manga/anime "His and Her Circumstances"
Notes:  This is divided into two parts because the post was too large OTL Sorry.  Also, listen to this during Part 2 for extra effect :D

Prologue/Chapter 1


Even from afar, you can tell when someone is special.”

                Arthur stood near the window of his school.  Staring through the glass, his eyes rested on Alfred, who was chatting with other boys from their class.  Arthur cringed.  “Alfred,” he thought, “knows everything!  It would not surprise me if he’s figured out that who he saw yesterday was the real me!  That the ‘me’ he normally saw was a fake! A disguise!  A mask!”  Arthur continued to watch Alfred before sighing.  “What will you do know Alfred?  Will you tell everyone?  Or will you be forgiving and give this lowlife a chance?”  Arthur sighed again and walked away from the window.

                Alfred laughed at a joke one of the boys told, before he turned to see that Arthur was gone.  He had been watching Arthur out the corner of his eye the whole time.  “Hey,” one the boys started to say, causing Alfred to turn around, “I think Arthur was just looking over here.”

                The others nodded.  “I wonder what he wanted,” another boy claimed “Probably thinking about something…what if he was judging us or something?!”

                “Relax Toris; I’m sure he wasn’t thinking anything like that.”

                “Yeah, that would be, like, very rude!”

                “Hey guys,” Alfred said, quieting the group, “What do you know about Arthur?”

                The boys looked at each other with puzzling looks.  “Um,” the one, Toris, spoke up, “None of us really know anything about him.  I’ve asked him for directions one time, but other than that, I know that he’s a very nice person…”

                “I’ve heard,” another man said coming to them, “that he turns down every person who asks him out on a date, whether they be male or female, but that’s all I know.”

                “Eh, really Kiku?  I’ve heard that, but didn’t think it was true! ” Toris claimed.

                Kiku nodded. “Aw,” a blonde haired boy spoke, “And I was, like, gonna confess…”

                “No point now Feliks; you’ll only get hurt…”

  “I believe,” Kiku continued, looking at Alfred, “that it is time to go in.  Do you agree, Alfred-san?”

                Alfred smiled big.  “Kiku’s right, guys, we should head in.


                Arthur walked down the hallway still deep in thought.  “This is it for me.  My days here are numbered.  Everyone who looked at me with respect will only look at me with disgust tomorrow.  I guess not even the greatest of kings could avoid things like this.”  That was when Arthur heard chatter ahead of him.  Snapping out of thought, his eyes widen as he saw Alfred coming towards him, followed by Kiku and Toris.  Arthur stood there, head down as they passed.

And nothing happened.

Alfred continued walking by, still laughing.  Arthur stared into space, shock and relief passing through him.  He just stood there, again deep in thought, missing the small glare Kiku sent his way.


                A week had passed, and Alfred never said anything.  Every time Arthur saw him, Alfred would avoid him.  Arthur started to believe that this was weird, but paid no other mind to it.    When it had reach late Friday afternoon, Arthur realized that Alfred may have let him go.  “That’s weird,” Arthur thought, “he just let me go.  Well then,” he mentally cheered, “Turns out he’s nicer than I thought.  I mean, he is very nice and kind to everyone, and I’m no exception!”    Arthur smirked to himself and went to check in with his teacher.

                Arthur quietly put his books inside his bag.  The day had ended and the sun was beginning to set.  Everyone else in the school had gone home and he had to stay behind to finish some things.  Still in his good mood from his earlier revelation, he suddenly said to himself, “Oh, I have to get something from the library.”  Grabbing his bag, he left the classroom, almost skipping to the library (though he would deny it) humming “Rule Britannia.”  Arthur hummed the tune and turned the corner where the library was placed.

                “Well, you’re in a good mood.”

                Arthur nearly screamed and backed into the wall closest to him.  Alfred was standing in front of him smiling…no, smirking.  “Did I scare you,” he continued walking closer to Arthur.  Arthur tried to back up, but the wall was in the way.  “What a surprise,” Alfred said, still smirking, “I remembered something today.  I had seen something a week ago that was really amazing!  A side to the great Arthur Kirkland no one had ever seen before. Who would have thought?!  I wonder what everyone’s reactions would be if they found out.  Disgust, shame…”  Arthur held his hand up to Alfred’s face.  “Hmm, what is it Arthur?”

                “…don’t,” Arthur muttered, “don’t tell everyone.”

                Alfred continued smirking, making Arthur want to punch it off his face.  “Come on, say the magic word!”

                Clenching his fists and teeth, Arthur grumbled, “PLEASE…don’t tell anyone.”

                Alfred’s smirked transformed into a big smile.  “Okie Dokie.” However, before Arthur could sigh with relief, a pile a papers was thrust into his hands.  “Take this, I need you to finish these before tomorrow.  I have a meeting.”  He started to run off, yelling behind him, “See ya later Artie!”

                Arthur just stood there staring at Alfred’s running back.  “Artie,” he muttered confused, before his rage picked up.  “What…WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!  Why do I have to do this?!  That git!”  Arthur clenched the papers to his chest.  “That attitude….that smirk…who was that?!  What the hell happened to Alfred?!”


                Arthur sighed as he placed his pencil down.  It was already dark outside and almost everyone had left the school already.  “This is ridiculous,” he said to himself, “today was like any other day…except…I now spend each as STUPID ALFRED’S SLAVE!  It’s been four days since then!  I can’t tell anyone here and my family won’t understand or listen!  What did I do to deserve this!?”

                “Maybe talking to yourself for starters,” Alfred countered, walking in the room.  Arthur froze and glared at the man.  Alfred only smiled and came to Arthur’s desk.  “Wow, you’re done already?  Amazing as always Artie!”

                Arthur jumped up.  “First off, do not call me Artie,” he said, “and secondly, what is it that you want?! Why do I have to do this?”

                Alfred looked at him with a blank look, and then said, “Because I know your darkest secret and I’m using it to my advantage,” as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

                Trying to prevent himself from banging his head into the wall, Arthur yelled, “I KNEW THAT!  I’m going to be blunt with you, this is blackmail!  Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?”

                Alfred looked hurt for a second, but then smiled and said, “Well of course I am.” Arthur started to talk but Alfred went on, “But I have a lot of work to do, and sometimes heroes must result to drastic measures.”  Alfred stood and did a Super Man pose, “Thus I asked your assistance!”

                Arthur simply gaped at him “What is he, a child?”  “Well…heroes don’t make innocent people do their work for them.  They force the villain and sometimes…the sidekick,” Arthur said quickly, for his knowledge on these things were limited.

                Unsurprisingly, Alfred simply smiled again.  “Well, you know in most American movies the sidekick or villain is usually British.”

                “Fuck you!”

                “Ooh, bad language.  Of course, you could always stop,” Alfred said, his smile melting into a smirk, “You can just walk away…that is, if you’re brave enough.”

                “You bastard.”  Alfred laughed and grabbed his papers.  Arthur groaned.  “Someone must have cursed my life.”


                From that point on, Arthur found himself with Alfred’s work every day.    Day after day, Alfred would pile work on top of Arthur, which led to him coming home late more often.  Despite being annoyed at this, Arthur enjoyed himself a bit.  He didn’t mind the work after a while, and he found that he was getting to know Alfred more the before.  One thing he learned was that along with being class rep and on the football team, Alfred was on the social planning committee, the graduation travels representative, and a lot of other things.  

                “Wow,” Arthur said the beginning the next week during lunch, “with all this work, I’m surprised you are not dead!”

                Alfred laughed at that.  “I can’t help it,” he said, “People always come to me!  It must be because I’m so awesome.”

                “I’m sure,” Arthur said rolling his eyes, trying to kick out the thought in his head that Alfred was right, “But still Alfred, this is too much for one person.  I don’t even have to this much.”

                “Well then,” Alfred said, rubbing Arthur’s head, “that’s why it’s good thing I have you!”

                Arthur blushed and swatted his hand away, his heart beating harder in his chest. “Don’t…don’t do that!  What am I, your dog?!”

                Alfred chuckled and started to walk away.  “Naw, you’re more like a cat!”*

                Arthur fumed, following him.  “A cat!?”!


               Later that night, Alfred finished his activities early, so he helped Arthur finish “his” work.  “That reminds me,” Arthur said suddenly, “Alfred, were you on the student council at your junior high?”

                Alfred grinned.  “Yep, the president!  You too?”

                Arthur let a small smile cross his face.  “Yes, I was the president at my school as well.  It was hard work.”

                “Maybe for you, but not for me,” Alfred said laughing.  Arthur looked at him confused, when Alfred made his eyes water and wide.  “Oh no,” Alfred spoke, “I can’t finish all of these.  Will…will you help me with these.”  Alfred proceeded to start laughing at Arthur’s horrified look.  “The puppy eyes always work Artie!  They always work!”

                “That’s…wow!  Hmph, I thought heroes didn’t do things like that,” Arthur said, half smugly and half horrified.

                Alfred calmed down to look at him.  “I only did when I was desperate…”

                “You’re worse than I am,” Arthur yelled.

                “Well not quite, but almost,” Alfred said back.  Arthur look hurt and Alfred quickly added, “I mean I don’t normally act like this.  I guess…I have a double identity too…that only you can see.”

                Arthur’s eyes widened, his heart going faster than before.  “What…what’s going on,” he thought.  He softly muttered, “Oh,” instead, before saying, “It’s getting late, maybe they’ll let you finish this tomorrow?”

                Alfred looked at his watch and jumped up.  “Crap, it is late!  My brother will wonder where I am!  You’re right, I’m sure they can wait!”  Before Arthur could ask about this brother of his, Alfred leapt to the door.  Arthur sighed, following him.  “Oh wait,” Alfred said suddenly, stopping at the closed door, “Artie, you hungry?”

                Arthur thought for a moment.   “Well,” he said, “I haven’t eaten yet, so I am a bit famished.”

                “Well then,” Alfred said a warm smile on his face, “I’ll take you to dinner.”

                Arthur’s eyes widen again, this time even bigger, as his chest started to feel heavy.  “What is going on,” he thought as he walked out the door, “This feeling…this cannot be normal.  Am I sick? “   “Okay,” Arthur replied, walking next to Alfred, “But we can go anywhere except McDonalds.”

                Alfred pouted.  “But why not?!


                The sun set and the school was quiet the following night.   The sky was clear, as a full moon shown in the sky.   After wearing himself out from working and studying, Arthur had fallen asleep on Alfred’s work.  The window was open, the light wind from outside blowing strands of his hair.  Softly, Arthur started to stir.  He felt someone gently nudging him.  Arthur slowly opened his eyes and looked up to see Alfred.  “Hey,” Alfred said softly.  Arthur froze, wide awake, staring up at the man.  Alfred smiled.  “I finished practice and came to see if you were still here.  I figured I would wake you up.”

                Arthur stared at Alfred for a minute.  The moonlight surrounded the darkened room, enveloping the pair.  Instead of thinking of why the room was darkened, Arthur simply continued to gaze at Alfred.  His face was framed by the moonlight, his blue eyes sparkling from the light along with youth, freedom and…a little loneliness.  “There’s no way,” Arthur thought, “I suppose…I have been denying myself too long now to deny this.  I wonder when it started…I’ve never had feelings for someone before…feelings like this.  But now…I look at him with different eyes.  Did it start after he knew my secret…or was it when I learned the real him?  Just a crush huh?  Damn, I’ve dug myself into a early grave now, haven’t I?”

Part 2

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junez_chanjunez_chan on July 15th, 2010 11:38 am (UTC)
This is so very interesting!
Can't wait what will happen next! XD Please update soon!!
iggyxalfieiggyxalfie on July 21st, 2010 01:20 pm (UTC)
Oh please update soon! It's an amazing fanfic!